Movie List, Aug 2009

Aug 2009
Recommended Movies

Coco Chanel (2008)
In the Loop (2008)
Julia (2008)
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993)

Some rants:

  • Gigantic (2008) is obviously the work of an amateur.  Suffice it to say, however, that judging from the cineastic presentation of this movie, we can expect the filmmaker’s craft to improve on his next work.  Or the one after that.
  • I Love You Man (2009) is entertaining but easily forgettable.
  • Knowing (2009) is a decent thriller, if you’re 8 years old.  My guess is either its cameramen have serious thrill issues, or the director’s caught a serious case of Shaken Camera Syndrome, which for some reason seems to be all the rage in today’s cinema.




2 Responses to “Movie List, Aug 2009”

  1. brian Says:

    I love What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

  2. doublethinkgeek Says:

    I love 1990s cinema. Top that.

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