Movie Buzz: Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for 3 years, you’ve probably come across the name Diablo Cody, or at least heard about a brilliant feel-good movie called Juno.  Gems like Cody in the movie business are few and far between.  Her screenwriting debut won her the most prestigious award in her field, and this year, there’s no stopping her from winning more.  From teenage drama, she’s now trying her hands on shocking her audience with a dark and bloody thriller, also about teenagers.  Jennifer’s Body is the story of an evil high school cheerleader with a taste for human flesh.  The same forces behind the successful Juno made this movie happen, so we can expect some level of storytelling wit, plot direction, and impressive original soundtrack.  The movie also features some of the hottest stars today, including the foxy Megan Fox and the amazing Amanda Seyfried. This is a thriller that promises a treat for the eyes and more.

If you’re still wondering how Diablo Cody’s work hits and misses, watch her new TV production, United States of Tara, and you’ll see that she’s the real deal.

The promotional clip (click here for the red band trailer):

The promo posters (click to view high-res version):



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