Movie Buzz: The Soloist (2009)

Joe Wright, the award-winning director who brought us Atonement and Pride and Prejudice, presents The Soloist, an emotionally soaring drama about the redemptive power of music, based on a true story. Watch fine performances from a powerhouse cast that includes Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr, and Catherine Keener.

Opens April 24.

The trailer:

The promotional clips:

I Want You to Help Him

It’s Complicated

Two Strings

The promo poster (click to view high-res version):



One Response to “Movie Buzz: The Soloist (2009)”

  1. Rob Layton Says:

    Lol, man we’re getting lazy with the posting. You haven’t posted since April 8th? I know how it is, though. Anyway, Robert Downey Jr.’s been busy all of a sudden. You notice how some actors appear, make 2 or 3 movies, and then disappear again? I know it has a lot to do with marketing and capitalizing on the momentum, but still. Robert Downey Jr. hit the ground running with Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, and the Soloist.

    Gerad Butler was in 300, Nim’s Island, and P.S. I Love You – 3 hugely advertised films, and then a break. And Ralph Fiennes when Red Dragon came out. He ended up doing a romantic comedy with JLo (what the).

    Then there are actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Nicholas Cage who work all the time. ALL the time.

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