Movie Mini-Review: Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Four months ago, it opened at the 35th Telluride Film Festival in Colorado.  It has since been on movie awards discussions all over the internet.  All of the hype allowed plenty of room for anticipation, and with it expectations, of the movie.

When I finally watched the movie, I knew the wait was well worth it.  This movie is high-powered entertainment that leaves no room for yawn.  Every scene is compelling, every material well-researched, every character charming.  You would expect no less from Danny Boyle, a director who never makes the same movie twice.

The movie is a testament to the filmmaker’s scholarly knowledge of lighting and camera angles. It also showcases his powerful vision of the entirety of his story, choosing to display chronology of events in a narrative manner, and freezing dramatic moments at precise length and perfect timing. All of these combine to create a movie about the slums of India that is visually captivating and cinematically engaging.

It takes talent to capture beauty where beauty is everywhere.  But to depict beauty where ugliness resides, that’s something else.



2 Responses to “Movie Mini-Review: Slumdog Millionaire (2008)”

  1. roblaytondotnet Says:

    I agree. I particularly like the way India was portrayed at the beginning of the film, the way the camera backed out and established the slums as this sprawling network.

    Favorite scene was when the brothers are older and look over their slums, reformed into a city and reminisce. The mood of the whole scene was just perfect.

    I’m trying not to spoil the film, haha. Just great.

  2. doublethinkgeek Says:

    Best cinematography, Oscar agrees. :)

    I love that part as well. They did great work showing what difference economic progress means for kids who grow up in slums.

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