Movie Mini-Review: In Bruges (2008)

In Bruges, the brilliant comedy starring Colin Farrell.

It’s one of those carefully plotted stories, where every person, place, and event add up to a dramatic climax.  If you ever want to see a movie for its ending, this is it.


The plot, seamless as it may be, bears a loophole.  Towards the ending, the motivation for killing the main character lies in one man’s opinion that you cannot kill a boy and get away with it.  However, in the middle of the story, right after the revelation of the intention to kill our main character, he was told that Bruges was intended to be his last stab at fun, and then he will be done for.  That’s a seeming contradiction right there.

Nevertheless, there’s amazing photography throughout the story. And you can never go wrong with great photography.



2 Responses to “Movie Mini-Review: In Bruges (2008)”

  1. roblaytondotnet Says:

    That guy literally exploded on impact. You know what I’m talking about.

  2. doublethinkgeek Says:

    I know! It was tastefully presented though, one more thing I like about the movie.

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