TV Show & Soundtrack: Life Season 2


TV Show: Life

Season 1 of the TV Show Life was a tad confusing as it was a lot meh.  There seemed to be too much lighting going on, and the episodes were very concerned about building up the main, season-long plot, rather than trying to make the crime of the week entertaining enough to hook the viewers into watching more.

Season 2, however, starts to move into more interesting aspects of storytelling.  Suddenly, the hot female lead character gets noticed by a man.  Suddenly, humor behind a boss being ordered around like a slave goes on episode after episode.  Suddenly, Zen philosophy becomes increasingly ridiculous.  Suddenly, characters begin to pursue lives rather than dwell in the past.  And even if the viewers are aware that there is still a main plot left hanging week after week, they are left wanting to watch more because every episode is funny and every new crime is fresh and intriguing.

I had little hopes for Life Season 2 after Season 1 ended, but the latest episodes of Season 2 currently showing are surprisingly likened to old packages of newly sweetened, great stuff.

Equally entertaining as well as keepers are unique songs played in every episode.  From the full list here, some favorites with links to pages that play a sample of their music:

Guster – One-Man Wrecking Machine
Jackie Greene – I Don’t Live in a Dream
John Doe – The Golden State
Low – Cue The Strings
Spoon – They Never Got You
The Beta Band – Squares
The Gutter Twins – I Was in Love with You


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